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The following package options are needed to build your big business. So please choose according to your business expectations, do not be wrong in choosing the package. You can find more in-depth information about the package of your business below.


Starter plan
$10to $1000
  • Daily Interest 0.1% - 5%
  • Maximum 20% Monthly
  • Referral bonus 5%
  • Matching bonus 5% x 10 Level
  • 240 Days Contract
  • Weekly Withrawal Limit


$1100to $10.000
  • Daily Interest 0.5% - 5%
  • Maximum 30% Monthly
  • Referral bonus 10%
  • Matching bonus 10% x 50 Level
  • 180 Days Contract
  • Weekly Withrawal Limit


$11.000to Unlimited
  • Daily Interest 1% - 5%
  • Maximum 40% Monthly
  • Referral bonus 15%
  • Matching bonus 15% x 100 Level
  • 120 Days Contract
  • No Weekly Withrawal Limit


More Profit
$5000to Unlimited
  • Ready to cooperate
  • Personal Deposit $5000
  • Group Turnover $10.000
  • Bonus 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%
  • Submit Request Form
  • Your Identity on Official Web

Frequently Asked Questions

What is daily interest ?

Daily interest is the amount of profit in the dollar count that will be given to the members every day until the contract finishes. The Fluctuation of profit value depends on the investment package selected. You make a deposit now, then you receive daily profit tomorrow and so on.

What is referral bonus ?

Referral bonus is a bonus you can get after you successfully recruit new members to join to buy the investment package that has been provided. This bonus can be directly withrawed after you get it with a minimum withdrawal is $ 10 and your withdrawal will be processed in 24 hours.

What is matching bonus ?

Matching bonus is a bonus you can get every day after you successfully recruit new members and develop your business network. The calculation of bonus mathing is based on the number of daily profit members in your network. Your members receive profit every day, you also get bonus matching every day.

What is withdrawal limit ?

Withdrawal limit is the limit of bonus withdrawal every week. The amount of withdrawal limits depends on the investment package you choose. The withdrawal limits are the best solution to keep the service and support available to all members.

What is representative ?

Representative is a company agent who is ready to provide services and support in every different country. The Agent has been equipped with the ability and complete equipment to develope activelly the vision and mission of the company. As a representative you will get additional bonuses and priority services.

What is the advantages of representative ?

Of course as a representative you will get special facilities and special bonuses for your good work. Your identity will be displayed on a special page for Agents. The opportunity to be an agent is very limited, we limit only 5 people in each country. This opportunity is only for qualified member.

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